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Dawn of the Day of the Lord

This is not a typical prophecy book dealing in sensationalism or trying to connect biblical prophecies to today’s current events.

Dawn of the Day of the Lord - Available at Amazon

The Promise

What is the "the day of the Lord"? This book takes a fresh look at this pivotal biblical concept.

Dawn of the Day of the Lord attempts to take the biblical prophecies and lay them out as they are. Based on Jesus’ repeated promise "I will raise him up at the last day," this unique and thought-provoking book presents the resurrection as being the key to understanding prophecies dealing with the last days.
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David Martin Ministry

David Martin

Speaker and Author

Alone in the outback of Australia, I began to ponder life, trying to discern its meaning and purpose. In my search, I was led to connect with a family of Christians and became a Christian myself. At that point, my little, insignificant life came into alignment with a sovereign plan by a master architect, the plan which is the subject of this book.

Based in Langley BC, I work and travel across North America as a technology consultant. When not travelling, and as a former marathon runner, I still like to run and hit the gym.

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